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 If you had 3 wishes

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PostSubject: If you had 3 wishes   Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:55 pm

If you had 3 wishes what will you wish for?

I start .... Remember: You have only one post in this topic for wishes other post pls do not spam wit second 3 wishes youre 2post 3post.... 999post.....9999999post Pls be GooD wish, Exelent wish..... That sort

My first wish:I wish i had a perfect femilly be rich and olays be wit my femeli my 2 kids and wife... Do not crit me i am only 12

My second wish:I wish i can donate to this server and make it the best cabal server 4ever and ever

My tird wish:I wish for global peace!

I hope you have wonderfel time and good life

Youres:SoulWizzard !

PS:SRRY for my bad engl
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If you had 3 wishes
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