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 Disappearing Alz

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Disappearing Alz Empty
PostSubject: Disappearing Alz   Disappearing Alz I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 22, 2009 4:08 pm

Since the first day I began Adekz, I noticed that Alz was mysteriously disappearing from my inventory. I have been testing and have located some triggers. I hope my testing and information can be of help.

1. If you disconnect while purchasing items, you lose Alz.
Example: I purchased 58 chaos lamps from the Grocer in Port Lux. While trying to purchase the 59th, I disconnected and found an extra 200mil gone from my inventory.
2. If you disconnect from a class/world dungeon, you GAIN Alz.
Example: I disconnected from a class dungeon because of Alz bombs, and gained 200k.
(May I note here that Alz bomb rate needs to be reduced?
Additionally: The gaining of Alz seems to be random occurrence. It only happened one time out of three disconnections.)

I am using a clean USA client. I have tried using the dmz patch. I continue to disconnect from shops and from alz bombs.

*** Until this problem is resolved, players please place your spare Alz in the warehouse before purchasing potions. ***

An additional bug: If you already have a STR Extraction potion in your inventory, trying to loot another will crash your client. Not sure if it is the same for DEX and INT pots... I didn't want to chance another disconnection.

Thank you for reading,
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Disappearing Alz
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