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 im just sayin here

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PostSubject: im just sayin here   Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:50 pm

alright so from day one when i started playing here ive been trying to help the server
i advertise it everywhere i can including my own personal facebook and myspace profiles...
i am always available and helping players in the game and i attempt to crack down on cheaters all the time
these are just a few things i do to help the server
and to be honest, as a player, i cant do any more
and so i talked to ash and i said hey ash you got any spots for a gm going...i wanna help...etc
he says i have to donate to be a gm, a fair amount of cash, which i spose i have no problem with, but it didnt seem the best way of choosing a gm if you know what i mean,
but what id rather do to be honest
is be chosen by ash/admin to be a gm, because i want to do what is best for the server, and to help the server. ive already donated well over 100 usd anyway
and i have no doubt ill donate more as the weeks go by to keep this server going
i just though i should get this out there
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im just sayin here
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