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 Server Suggestions - Channel 4 Hardcore server.

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PostSubject: Server Suggestions - Channel 4 Hardcore server.   Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:50 am

As per title. Why not make channel 4 a hardcore channel , where mobs from pontus ferrum , mf and undead tower are placed in maps where weak mobs are. [ ie. zombie lihorns in place of rabbithorns in bloody ice ]. Item drops should be increased on the hardcore channel too. This will give veteran players a server to train on , instead of having them compete with new players for the spots on server 1. the increased item drops would be an incentive to get players to train on the channel , and to get new players to play on the server as well.

P.S - we need a better webby
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Server Suggestions - Channel 4 Hardcore server.
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